Mia Mosters is a registered speech-language pathologist with the College of Speech and Hearing BC (CSHHPBC) as well as Speech and Hearing Canada (SAC). She obtained her Masters of Speech Pathology from UBC in 2004 as well as her diploma in Logopaedics (speech therapy) in Germany in 2001. Mia is fluent in English and German.  Mia has 15 years experience working with adults in various settings including in-patient acute care (neurology, ICU, emergency), in- and out-patient rehabilitation for language, speech and swallowing. Mia has a specific interest in voice therapy and working closely with Ear Nose and Throat physicians.

Mia continues to do further education via webinars and in person trainings. These have included the following:

  • Introduction to Voicecraft
  • Supported Communication
  • Vocalizing with Ease

Mia’s passion is working with people in various settings and helping them achieve their personal goals for optimal communication.