Voice therapy includes but is not limited to changes in voice, strain when voicing, pain or discomfort in throat, changes in pitch or voice quality, inability to increase volume, voice overuse/misuse due to one or more of the following:

• Muscle tension dysphoria

• Vocal fold nodules

• Post surgery

• Post trauma (accidents)

• Vocal fold polyps

• Occupational voice use

Recently Indigo ENT have partnered with Mia and Sarah at SpeechEase. Mia and Sarah are fully registered Speech Language Pathologists who are committed to providing the very best evidence based practice. They are able to provide a free 15-minute telephone consultation to discuss your/your loved ones needs and suggest appropriate next steps. If you proceed to book with SpeechEase, they will complete an assessment of your voice. This involves a thorough history including medical, social and emotional aspects as well as an assessment of the function of your voice. The goal of the assessment is as much to determine any vocal difficulties as it is to understand how your current voice is affecting your life. Once assessment is completed, they will work with you to determine your priority goals and an appropriate therapy plan to achieve the goals. They are always happy to suggest/refer into public health services if available as our therapists have knowledge of the public health care system.