Tonsillitis & Tonsil Stones Procedures & Treatments

Tonsillectomy is the surgical removal of the tonsils, two oval-shaped pads of tissue at the back of the throat — one tonsil on each side. A tonsillectomy was once a common procedure to treat infection and inflammation of the tonsils (tonsillitis). Today, a tonsillectomy is most often performed for obstructive sleep apnea but may still be a treatment when tonsil stones or tonsillitis occurs frequently or doesn’t respond to other treatments.

Tonsillar resurfacing is a relatively new procedure which involved using Coblation technology which involves targeting the offending tonsil crypt, that houses a stone, to further widen the surface area. This achieves a flatter surface whereby food particles do not accumulate. This procedure is 80% effective and is not a covered service by MSP or Third Party Insurance. The cost of this procedure is $1000.